About Million Games

Million Games was created for players wanting quality games based on original ideas giving them all the entertainment they urge. With engagement and creativity we offer maximum player experience, with a game for everyone. Simply put - we do games!

Innovation, Quality, Inclusivity, Fun-centric, Bold & Beautiful

We are a bold, brave and creative bunch who are unafraid to colour outside of the lines, even if there is risk involved. Our futuristic ability to dream up countless ideas is our superhuman strength that we don’t ever take for granted. With bold and beautiful efforts that make undeniable impact and will spread contagious entertainment all around the world, we are having fun while creating a Million Games.

Million Games is a global company where we value inspiration, power, and impact. We believe that 1+1 equals more than 2 and that is why we think brainstorming and discussions are important parts of the creative work place.

Join the fun at Million Games! Innovation and game development go hand in hand at Million Games and we need creative people who think outside the box. With us ordinary is not good enough - we aim for the stars and we want you to do the same. Today is the day to start the career of your dreams. Share your mission with us - and blow us away!