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Unlock your game development potentional with Million Stars

Million Games offers game developers a unique opportunity to create their casino content within the Million Stars partner program. By joining, you gain instant access to our established distribution network, allowing you to focus on creativity rather then dealing with technical obstacles, licensing or distribution agreements.

Founded by industry veterans deeply passionate about iGaming, Million Games brings a wealth of experience in game development, operator integrations and content distribution. While technology is central to our approach, we value and foster a collaborative community, encouraging input from our partner to enhance and innovate their games.

Technical capabilities and tools

Million Stars is powered by Reelsoft's Vision RGS which allows endless flexibility from maths designs to innovative features including multiplayer games to brands, operators, bet levels, RTP and much more.

Flexibility and customisation

As a Million Star, the creative freedom is yours, along with customisation options. Tailor games to specific markets, incorporate unique features, and adapt to evolving player preferences for long-term success.

Regulatory compliance

Million Stars adheres to the strict regulatory standards in key markets, ensuring compliance with licensing requirements and responsible gaming practices. Simplicity is built in to the program, providing you peace of mind.

Time to market & distribution

With the Million Stars program, your time to market is optimised as our software is developed and thoroughly tested. Gain instant access to a vast network of operators and platforms, increasing your exposure and mapping out the potential for success.

Game development process

Building a game is so easy with Million Stars, that it empowers studios to manage the entire process from start to end. You have the freedom to decide what games to build and when to launch them. Need assistance with the maths engine development? No problem!

Performance analytics and reporting

Comprehensive data analytics tools are integrated into the back office, offering instant access to operator performance, country statistics, RTP monitoring, GGR report etc. Make data-driven decisions to optimise your game portfolio and gain a competitive edge.

The best thing with the Million Stars Program is that once you are ready to fly on your own, you can move the games to a platform of your choice without being locked in to someone else's framework and technology. The choice is yours if you should stay or move on. Regardless the Million Stars program, opens up infinite horizons for you as a studio.

Seamless integration: from idea to player's screen

Our simplified onboarding ensures a smooth journey from game development to market. Take a visual tour of how Million Stars turns your ideas into reality.

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to the tools
Analytics and
ongoing support

Why choose Million Stars for your game development journey?

At Million Stars, we understand the challenges of starting small. Here is why we are your ideal partner in the world of iGaming.

Technical assistance all the way

Marketing support to get the games launched

Community collaboration with industry veterans