April 12, 2024
Million Games unveils Million Stars Partner Program
Welcome to Million Stars, a new partner program created to empower game studios to create casino content under Million Games' hat and get instant access to a network of operators. Million Stars simplifies the development process, lets studios focus on creativity, and offers them a supportive community.
April 9, 2024
Million Games takes gaming to new heights with first acquisition
Million Games has made a strategic acquisition of Spiffbet's game development business, welcoming STHLM Gaming AB and Rhino Gaming into its fold. With 21 additional games, including popular titles like Perfect Catch and Ricky Riches, Million Games aims to enhance player engagement and deliver innovative gaming experiences to the online casino industry.
April 23, 2024
Million Games using Reelsoft’s Vision RGS as their new platform
Million Games proudly announces its strategic deal with Reelsoft, selecting Vision RGS as the platform for our groundbreaking gaming revolution. Focused on innovation, we unleash the power of Vision RGS to redefine the gaming landscape and propel our game development goals to new heights.
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