February 21, 2019

Million Games takes gaming to new heights with first acquisition

We are thrilled to share some exhilarating news straight from the heart of our gaming universe. Milion Games is proud to announce the strategic acquisition of Spiffbet’s game development business, creating a new era of possibilities for us and our casino partners.

Expanding the portfolio for player engagement

In a move to enhance our gaming offerings, we are welcoming STHLM Gaming AB and Rhino Gaming into the Million Games fold. With an additional 21 games, including chart-toppers like Perfect Catch, Ricky Riches, and Van Gogh, we are now armed to provide all partners with an even more compelling array of choices to captivate player audiences.

Innovation unleashed

This exciting venture isn’t just a business move; it is a commitment to delivering exciting gaming experiences to the online casino industry. It solidifies our commitment to excellence, providing a diverse and innovative portfolio of games to elevate every game play. With this move, we are poised to deliver thrilling games to a global audience. CEO Thomas Nimstad, shares his excitement, stating:

"Completing this acquisition and gaining access to STHLM Gaming and the games under the Rhino Gaming brand is a great opportunity for Million Games to enhance its portfolio of games and establish ourselves in a market with high competition. Through the deal, we can shorten the time to launch significantly."

A global playground of possibilities

Million Games was created to deliver an exciting and engaging gaming experience, and this acquisition strengthens our commitment to excellence. We’re not just acquiring games, we are providing operators with a diverse and innovative portfolio to elevate their brands. With this deal, we are set to bring thrilling, cutting-edge games to the global audience.

Henrik Svensson, CEO of Spiffbet, shares his thoughts on the acquisition:

"Seeing STHLM Gaming being acquired by Million Games will make sure our games will reach new heights. With Million Games' connections and industry expertise, we look forward to seeing our tradition live on to create thrilling gaming experiences, and delighting audiences worldwide continue."

The future of gaming starts here

Get ready for a gaming revolution! With STHLM Gaming and Rhino Gaming in our portfolio, Million Games is set to push boundaries, innovate relentlessly, and most importantly, create unforgettable experiences for every player.

The game has just begun, keep an eye on us for new gaming experiences coming your way!

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