February 21, 2019

Million Games using Reelsoft’s Vision RGS as their new platform

In a groundbreaking move within the iGaming industry, Million Games proudly announces its strategic alliance with Reelsoft, selecting the Vision RGS as the platform to spearhead our gaming revolution.

Unleashing the power of Vision RGS

At Million Games innovation is our heartbeat, and the Vision RGS from Reelsoft lets us focus on just that. Embarking on a transformative journey, we are not merely adopting a platform; we are forging an alliance that empowers us to redefine the gaming landscape. The Vision RGS’s unrivalled capabilities and flawless performance form the foundation that propels our game development goals to new heights.

Seamless transition, endless possibilities

The first chapter of this collaboration unfolds as we migrate recently acquired games from STHLM Gaming and Rhino Gaming onto the Vision RGS platform. This transition not only marks the birth of a new era under the Million Games brand but also sets the stage for a portfolio that transcends boundaries.

Vision RGS allows us flexibility and stability, enabling our teams to operate autonomously without external dependencies or DevOps hurdles. The platform serves as the catalyst for a streamlined content creation infrastructure, affording us the freedom to not only develop games but also manage and distribute our content seamlessly.

Global reach, effortless integration

With Reelsoft’s visionary technology, we are ready to captivate a global audience. Vision RGS not only accelerates game development but seamlessly integrates with leading online casinos, ensuring players worldwide can indulge in Million Games' captivating creations effortlessly.

Our partnership with Reelsoft signifies more than a collaboration; it’s a promise to players worldwide. By combining Reelsoft’s cutting-edge technology with our unwavering commitment to crafting exceptional gaming experiences, we can push boundaries and create joyful gaming experiences for everyone.

Unleashing imagination with Vision RGS

At Million Games, we believe that innovation thrives on imagination. With Vision RGS, limitations dissolve, and the transformation of ideas into immersive gaming experiences becomes second nature. Our ambition to create quality games based on original concepts, either independently or through collaborations, and our philosophy that every player deserves a unique and immersive gaming experience will be supported by moving our game development over to Vision RGS. As we embark on this thrilling journey, we are ready to create bold and beautiful games that transcend boundaries and redefine entertainment on a global scale.

Get ready to witness the evolution of entertainment like never before from Million Games!

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